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Kyle Kitty

Get ready to groove and unleash your inner party animal! Are you prepared to embark on an exhilarating musical journey with the one and only Kyle Kitty? Introducing the Master of Beats, the Maestro of Mixing - Kyle Kitty! With an infectious passion for music


Dj Sonitch

Prepare to be swept away by an electrifying wave of sound! Are you ready to experience a sonic adventure like never before with DJ Sonictch? Introducing the Sound Architect, the Beat Magician - DJ Sonictch! With an unwavering passion for music and an unparalleled talent


Mr Wakanda

Get ready to be transported to a world of musical marvels! Welcome to the realm of Mr Wakanda, where the beats echo the heart of Africa. Introducing the Tribal Maestro, the Groove King - Mr Wakanda! With a soul as deep as the savannah and