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With 30 years experience, from a journey as a small jeweler, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B today has burgeoned into a leading global jewelry manufacturer exporting throughout the world including Middle East, Southeast Asia and European Union countries.

Over the years, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B continuously aspired to create a piece of fine jewelry that would showcase the quality and pure beauty of gold and silver. SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B style is defined by contemporary designs to the more traditional designs that we never neglect. From Amimono the stunningly elegant series that would capture you in your soul to De Lanterne series, an inspiration from traditional Chinese lantern design that showcase east meets west element.

Today, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B continues to design, manufacture and package its jewelry using state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Ability to adapt to changing trends, products designs and customers needs enables SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B to live and prosper on today with distinctive, innovative and quality style. The desire to outshine is still growing from within and the company is persistent to maintain its global brand status for many years to come.

SPEC Jewellery is the marketing arm of SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B to connect customers' request and our manufacturing facility.

SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B’s mission is to become a global distinctive jewelry manufacturer with the use of advanced machinery and technology in producing innovative and exquisite design of jewelries with the finest quality.

Distinctive, Innovative, Quality
At SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B, we take pride in our ability to adapt our products to rapidly changing trends while being able to maintain our unique range of products at the same time. Each piece of jewelry is attentively sketched and detailed in order for each pieces to be transformed accurately into the highest quality jewelry.

Distinctive - Stands out from the crowd by wearing SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B’s jewelries with outstanding and dazzling design. Marked by flawless craftsmanship and exquisite design, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B jewelries are in lead whether in quality, style or design.

Innovative - At SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B, we emphasize of creation of new ideas and designs to fulfill market’s requirements and keep up pace on the changing trends. Innovation today ensures business tomorrow. We employed elite engineers and designers whom work closely with clients on daily basis to meet their needs. We purchased and used advanced machinery and technology to deliver the finest jewelries to our end customers.

Quality - With more than 30 years of expertise in jewelry manufacturing, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B marked with highest quality jewelries unique designs which are highly demanded. Last but not least, our jewelries provide you with luxury, alluring finishing touch which accentuates your looks.

SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B is renowned for its distinctive services including 100% product customization, superior technology and exceptional product quality. SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B is striving to be better with continuous improvement. We offer outstanding products and services worldwide. We see the important of mutual and long lasting relationship with clients hence honesty, commitment and trust is our main objective. We keep our promises.

• Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) - SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B originally design & manufactured the products.
• Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)- SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B designs and manufactures products which are specified and eventually branded by client’s firm for sale.
• Corporate gifts- We provide customized gifts that may include your brand/company name. We transform ordinary gifts into personalized and contemporary gifts.

Manufacturing Services
Our core business activity is providing manufacturing services to our customers. Our product ranges from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, bangles to pendants. Our huge purchasing power and manufacturing capacity means we are able to utilize economies of scale to reduce the production costs. In the other way means customers are able to purchase high quality jewelries at only a fraction of the cost.

Research & Development
As part of our continuous commitment to customer satisfaction, SCENG Jewellery Industries S/B had the dedicated R&D team operating in state-of-the-art R&D facility producing new designs and prototypes. We also have continuous quality improvement in place where we constantly invest in new manufacturing technology, machinery and developing new techniques to improve product quality and increases manufacturing efficiency.

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About Spec Jewellery

Spec Jewellery is the marketing arm of Sceng Jewellery Industries Sdn. Bhd., a jewellery manufacturer from Penang, Malaysia.